Working in partnership with Farm Management Canada, AMI trusted The Blondes to create a print and online campaign that would encourage Ontario farm owners to create formal business plans. Through the #PledgeToPlan campaign, AMI aimed to reach a younger generation of farmers who could help convince older relatives that maintaining a business plan is the key to long-term success in the industry.

pun ad on bus shelterpun ad in newspaper

  Pun ad on mobile phone


In order for the campaign to be effective and grab the attention of Ontario farmers, it needed to be unique and engaging. With that in mind, we developed a series of clever puns – based on the products that farmers produce – to create short, funny and memorable headlines that brought focus to the importance of a business plan and planning for the future.

Banner Stands
Social Media Ad Series


An additional ad series that promoted ‘Leaving a Legacy’ was developed under the #PledgeToPlan campaign. The aim was to appeal to a broader spectrum of the target market by focusing on more of the ‘heart-felt’ side by showing real famers and their unique legacies.

stack of printed brochuressub-campaign or legacy ad in newspaper

  legacy ad on mobile phone


A wide range of materials were developed for the #PledgeToPlan campaign, including banner stands, brochures, a booklet, and a series of digital and print ads. The ads have been published on multiple social media channels, reaching a wide audience of farmers across the province. The #PledgeToPlan hashtag is used to categorize relevant posts and lead the audience to further information about the program.