Our people are the sum of our parts, and we’ve got some pretty awesome people. Stay awhile and get to know a little bit about us!

 Old school film reel
View of plane wing and beautiful green landscape form interior of plane.

Julie Knowles

As the owner of The Blondes, Julie has been generating innovative ideas that turn into outstanding creative for many years. She’s our Photoshop guru, a lover of video and animation, and a long-standing detail-oriented perfectionist – who will play the devil's advocate any chance she gets. 

Julie’s a film buff – The Fifth Element and Good Will Hunting are her all-time favourites – she even got married in a movie theatre! If she’s not at the cinema seeing a new movie, chances are she’s packing her bags in anticipation of her next travel adventure – her other big passion.

 Running a 5k!
Russelle with a big fish.


With many years of experience in sales and marketing, Russelle has a love for client services and is a strong believer that people will do business with those they like and trust. When it comes to The Blondes, Russelle is our sales, purchasing, administration, accounts and client services aficionado.

Russelle (ruhs-cell) is named after Kurt Russell (ruhs-uhl), a fact that we think contributes to why her name is so often mispronounced. When she’s not in the studio, Russelle enjoys running – both for herself and in charity races – as well as camping and fishing. She’s also never met a carb she didn’t like. 


Nicole Staddon

Aside from being a natural blonde, Nicole has developed a reputation for her bright ideas, strategic foresight and intuitive creative solutions. She loves packaging – especially when it comes to food and beverage – an area of expertise in which she has many years of design experience.

When she’s not nurturing fresh design ideas, Nicole’s surprising friends and neighbours with produce from her vegetable garden. She also has a weakness for Dr. Pepper and sour candies (we’re slowly coming to terms with the fact that chocolate isn’t her favourite).


We’re always interested in new projects and meeting exciting new people.