Welcome Package


Committed to providing excellent customer service and keeping its clients informed, KW Hydro needed a series of new marketing materials that would educate consumers about its services and infrastructure. The designs needed to be simple, colourful, well branded, and easy to read for a diverse client base across the City of Kitchener and the Township of Wilmot.



We began with the creation of a series of infographics to explain issues that directly impact KW Hydro’s customers, including the effects of power outages and common concerns about bill payments. Based on the company’s existing logo we updated the colour palette and corporate materials, created custom iconography and designed  a customer Welcome Package, several print and digital campaigns various infographics and many other marketing collateral items. The illustrations lend a playful tone to the brand, encouraging customers not only to read each piece, but to hang it on their fridge or pass the information along.

Mural / Signage

KW Hydro was so happy with how the new cohesive brand looked, they decided to initiate a mural in the main foyer of their head office. We transformed their initial idea of a timeline into a multi-level sign installation that takes viewers through the history of power in Kitchener-Wilmot. The differing layers, depths and materials used create a piece that is not only visual intriguing, but also educational and a bit nostalgic.

    Mural on wall once installed, next to a chair for size