With 28 years of industry experience, and well-known as the “Gluten Free Experts”, El Peto needed to revisit their brand to make it more relevant and contemporary in todays market. The new brand needed to better reflect the premium quality of their products, while still eluding to the “homemade” reputation they are recognized for. Developing a design strategy that would make it easier for customers to find the products they wanted on shelf, while creating a memorable, standout brand as a whole, was essential. 

Business card, letterhead & Envelope


Each of the 16 product lines were made up of a single bold colour with a geometric pattern to modernize the design.  Simple food photography of individual items makes the products more easily identifiable and keeps the packaging clean and uncluttered without sacrificing style.

Close-up detail shots of muffin and butter tart labels


Creating an entirely new visual identity that contained the logo and series of packaging, we were able to achieve an expression that that was not only bold and impactful, but appealed to consumers and stood out on the shelf.